The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust Update

We are pleased to be able to now start looking to arrange our Childhood Cancer Support Groups on a face-to-face basis, and outdoors fundraisers events are resuming.

Our latest Zoom meetings included a trip to “Zoo Paradise” led by Captain Fantastic. A jam packed morning where the children enjoyed looking for items, drawing pictures, playing animal guessing games, and talking about the animals in their natural habitats. Not only lots of fun and laughter, but also creative and educational!

Our “Chocolate Workshop” had the children coming up with all sorts of yummy creations which was lots of fun, messy, but extremely tasty! Thank you to supporters Ada & Albert and Copper Ceylon for sponsoring the event, the children had such a fantastic time.

Future events include a gaming party, trip to the cinema and a summer party! We are also starting to plan one of our favourite events, Panto this December, oh yes we are!

We continue to top up the treasure baskets with toys on the paediatric oncology wards we support, many of them used as bravery rewards for when the children have to undergo procedures. Recently, a large bag of Beanie Babies was donated to the Tiger Ward Shared Oncology Paediatric Unit warmly received by the play specialists. Supporters Starbucks also donated reusable cups for the children and nurses to use, which change colour depending on hot or cold drinks, a great compliment to the coffee machine we fund which is used by the staff and patients on the ward.

Our taxi support service has been incredibly busy ensuring that the children can travel to and from appointments stress free and safely, so important for our young neutropenic patients.

We are still committed to achieving our aim to support our oncology patients thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters and partners.