Access to education

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhance cancer care for young people in our local areas, we are working with Norwegian innovators No Isolation to bring inspirational and life-changing technology to young patients, families and schools. We fund and maintain a small army of robots with the ambition to supply as many as is necessary to cover the needs of every child in our catchment area.

This very simple, ingenious technology allows young cancer and leukaemia patients to access their education during and after treatment – virtually attending school, socialising with classmates and remaining connected to their support networks and communities. We are the first charity to fund these life-changing robots in our local hospitals and schools and we are working hard to expand the use of this technology in the UK.

“It was wonderful to witness how excited the school staff were to see the robot working and the dawning of the possibilities. Not every day do you get to see how you can change lives at a stroke. It’s not only life-changing for the patient; it was clear to me in such a vivid way that enabling her teacher, friends and classmates to interact with her, has a huge and positive impact. It was quite overwhelming to be honest.”

Teacher, Queen Elizabeth Hospital School, Woolwich