Croydon University Hospital – The Rainbow Children’s Unit

The Chartwell Cancer Trust proudly supports The Rainbow Children’s Unit, a dedicated new children’s ward at Croydon University Hospital, which officially opened on 10th May 2022.  The new £7 million state of the art facility provides better care for thousands of children and young people who are admitted to hospital.

The Chartwell Cancer Trust has been supporting oncology families in Croydon since 2016.  In 2018, the charity set up the Lily Pad Appeal to raise £750,000 for the new and modernised Oncology Unit, a crucial part of the planned overhaul to integrate the Acute Paediatric Services.  The appeal was completed in February 2022, not only the charity’s greatest achievement, a fantastic milestone and the largest donation in Croydon’s history, making a lasting difference and legacy to the experiences of young people living with cancer.

Find out more about the appeal HERE

Our charity is continuing to support for cancer care and oncology families in Croydon with ongoing fundraising to enable further enhancements to the unit and to maintain the delivery of support groups and the provision of our fleet of robots that remain active in the borough allowing oncology children to access their education remotely.