The Oncology Guide is the free first-of-its-kind resource that supports parents and children with trusted information through the early days of cancer treatment transforming how oncology children and families navigate their journey through cancer.

The app demystifies all aspect of treatment and care through bite-sized, engaging family-friendly films and animations for ages 2 – 12, featuring expert oncology practitioners and a host of brave, inspiring young children with first-hand, lived experience of cancer.

The platform covers a range of important topics, including:

  1. Cancers: Information and videos about the most common children’s cancers
  2. Procedures: Animations and films presented by children who have been through treatment to tell the child about common procedures; X-rays, PICC lines, Port-a-caths, MRI’s…to name a few 
  3. Treatments: Animations and films about the treatments children will face during their cancer journeys, such as chemotherapy.
  4. Charities and support: A place where families can get guidance on where to find extra help – from grants, wigs, days out, to respite care.

The app also serves as a vital tool for doctors, nurses, charities and key workers, helping get everyone on the same page quickly and easily, when time really is of the utmost importance.

Designed as a web app, the platform is fully accessible through a web browser on all devices and will feature a shortcut option as an app icon on a devices home screen.

Visit The Oncology Guide website to find out more and to download the web app through your phone or tablet.

We are proud to be a main funder of The Oncology Guide App as featured on BBC Sunday Morning Live – 4th February 2024 on World Cancer Day.. BBC iPlayer – Sunday Morning Live – Series 14: Episode 17

Also in the Guardian, September 2023 – 

‘There is a way through this’: survivors help create guide for children with cancer | Cancer | The Guardian