Funding the development and maintenance of a new app, the first of its kind, for oncology patients and families.

The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust has been working with app creator, Charley Scott, the Friends of King’s College Hospital and Kingfishers on a new tech-powered solution that gives children and families fighting cancer easy access to comprehensive, high quality, evidence-based education resources direct to their phone or tablet.

The Oncology Guide is the first resource of its kind designed to empower parents and to calm & prepare children by providing the knowledge they need most at the start of their cancer journey. The app demystifies all aspect of treatment and care through bite-sized, engaging family-friendly films and animations for ages 2 – 12 featuring expert oncology practitioners and a host of brave, inspiring young children with first-hand, lived experience of cancer.

The platform covers a range of important topics, including:

  1. Cancers: Information and videos about the most common children’s cancers
  2. Procedures: Animations and films presented by children who have been through treatment to tell the child about common procedures; X-rays, PICC lines, Port-a-caths, MRI’s…to name a few
  3. Treatments: Animations and films about the treatments children will face during their cancer journeys, such as chemotherapy.
  4. Charities and support: A place where families can get guidance on where to find extra help – from grants, wigs, days out, to respite care.

The app will also serve as a vital tool for doctors, nurses, charities and key workers, helping get everyone on the same page quickly and easily, when time really is of the utmost importance.

“The Oncology Guide Appeal has been a huge success and, thanks as ever to our dedicated and hugely generous supporters, we reached our fundraising target enabling the creation of this inspirational new online platform which will make a truly transformational impact for oncology families on a national scale.” Michael Douglas, Senior Trustee, The Chartwell Cancer Trust

We are delighted to share a feature published this week in The Guardian which celebrates the launch of The Oncology Guide – fantastic national coverage that will help spread the word about a project that will bring critical information about navigating the journey through cancer to oncology families across the country.


To find out more about The Oncology Guide, visit our News Page

Visit The Oncology Guide website to find out more.