The Chartwell Cancer Trust has been providing long-term financing since 2005.    

We aim to increase staffing levels in our Cancer and Leukaemia Units when it is needed as well upgrading the existing facilities where necessary, so our patients are faced with a more comfortable journey. 

In 2011, we funded Dr Anil Lakhani FRCP, Consultant Haematologist following his retirement, after 24 years of service.  He continued his practice in the Unit for four clinics a week, funded by The Chartwell Cancer Trust until September 2014.  Dr Lakhani also supervised the treatment of many, many patients during this time.    

For a time on the children’s Tiger Ward, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, we funded the post of a Health Care Assistant to assist looking after the children undergoing treatment when they needed it.

Currently we supply long-term financing for a crucial Healthcare Assistant post in The Chartwell Cancer and Leukaemia Unit, The Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH), Farnborough – a role which provides consistent, compassionate, personal contact with patients and relatives to ensure they experience comfort, dignity and privacy whilst undergoing treatment.

We have also extended our support for The Princess Royal University Hospital, Farnborough by committing to the funding of a Haematology-Oncologist post at bringing specialised and dedicated expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders and cancers that affect the blood and bone marrow. 

“We are truly grateful to The Chartwell Cancer Trust for their support in looking after our cancer patients over the years. Some of these patients are dangerously ill during their treatment, needing a lot of personal attention. The dedicated support of The Chartwell Cancer Trust allows this to happen.”

Dr Prakash Sinha Consultant Surgeon and Medical Director, PRUH.