Funding the development and maintenance of a new app, the first of its kind, for oncology patients and families.

The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust is working with app creator, Charley Scott, the Friends of King’s College Hospital and Kingfishers on a new tech powered solution that will give children and families fighting cancer easy access to comprehensive, high quality, evidence-based education resources direct to their phone or tablet.

This inspiring app will contain comprehensive information and dynamic, engaging education resources in one easily accessible place including:

  • Clinical information relating to specific cancer diagnoses and treatment
  • Details and explanation of the procedures they may undergo
  • The clinical teams who will be caring for them
  • The clinical environments where they will receive their care
  • Practical tips and advice regarding life with cancer including grants available and how to access them
  • Real life testimonials from children and families who have completed cancer treatment
  • Cancer charities and their remits
  • Links to research opportunities and clinical trials

Utilising a combination of written text, animation and short videos, this information will be presented in an accessible, interactive and user-friendly manner for children across the paediatric age range and their families.

All resources and features will be co-designed with young people and families to ensure that the voice of patients and service users is truly at the heart of this project.


The Oncology Guide is an invaluable tool for families living through the ordeal of cancer using technology to transform how parents and children gain instant access to reliable, digestible and comprehensive information. It simply wouldn’t have been possible to get this project off the ground without the vital support of The Chartwell Cancer Trust.

Michael Douglas – founder The Chartwell Cancer Trust