Making an impact: funded transportation service for oncology families

The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust is truly humbled by the heartfelt gratitude we receive from the oncology community for our support, especially when we are told ‘what a difference it makes in their lives’.  

One of the vital services we proudly provide is transportation for oncology families, ensuring they safely reach their appointments, particularly when their child’s health condition necessitates this.

Longer travel times, congestion charges, the heightened risk of infection for vulnerable children on public transport, and the financial burden is something we totally recognise, and, families already grappling with immense stress, shouldn’t have to bear the additional worry of transportation uncertainty.   Working with partners, Wallington Cars and Couriers, and Cannon Cars, we ensure that the families receive the assistance when they need it, with efficiency and flexibility.

None of this would be possible, of course, without the unwavering support of our generous donors and supporters, of which we are profoundly grateful. Your generous contributions enable us to provide this crucial service to help make a real and tangible difference.  

For nearly a decade, we have been funding taxis, a lifeline for oncology families. 

Consistent support is crucial now more than ever. By pledging a regular donation, however big or small, helps us to honour our long-term commitments to the communities and hospital we serve both now and in the future. To help us sustain our vital work, visit 

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