Childhood cancer awareness month – going for gold

We know how devastating childhood cancer is to children, their families and friends. Instead of focusing on school, play and socialising, it is all about medication, appointments, operations, and treatment as well as the anguish of the families having to watch their children suffer, the stress of decisions, time off work, school and financial worries. 

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month #CCAM. A month when we show our support in honour and in memory of children with cancer, who have suffered from cancer, how precious children are and the resilience of our childhood cancer heroes. Recognised by childhood cancer organisations around the world, September is a wonderful opportunity to come together to raise awareness, fundraise and show support. 





The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust is committed to improving the lives of young cancer and leukaemia patients and their oncology families helping the NHS to go beyond in their provision of care and their standards of excellence. 

Since 2015, we have funded and delivered a range of children’s cancer care interventions and projects including a new state of the art oncology unit in Croydon University Hospital, patient and family meet-ups, remote education technology, a holiday home on the Isle of Wight and financial assistance to families facing financial difficulty. 

We simply could not deliver on our mission and make the impact we do without the help of our amazing supporters, from transforming the bricks and mortar of our hospitals to putting colouring pens in the hands of young patients. 


The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust Ongoing Commitments – a snapshot 


AV1 No Isolation Robot 

We fund an army of AV1 No Isolation Robots allowing young children access to their education during and after treatment – virtually attending school, socialising with their classmates and remaining connected to their support networks and communities. The robot acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice when illness prevents the child from being present in the classroom. For more information visit: HERE


New Oncology Guide App 

A new oncology guide app is being developed to give young cancer patients and families, interactive, user-friendly, animated and age-appropriate content to inform, educate and reassure young patients. It will provide enhanced support from the earliest stages of diagnosis to equip young patients and families with the resources to make fully informed, empowered decisions and best prepare for and navigate the journey ahead. For more information visit: HERE



Sophie’s Wish Lodge 

We own and financially maintain a beautiful three-bedroomed luxury lodge – Sophie’s Wish – on the Isle of Wight where children affected by cancer can enjoy a complimentary holiday, have fun, and make happy memories. The lodge is situated on Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, Bembridge and encompasses a whole of range of suitable family activities and amenities. Critically, the Lodge is located close to a Paediatric Oncology Unit so that oncology families can enjoy precious family time away, safe in the knowledge that they have easy access to medical facilities. For more information visit: HERE


Childhood Cancer Support Groups 

We provide targeted support for children receiving oncology treatment by organising regular meet-ups and trips providing families with the opportunity to make special memories, whilst having some “normal” time with other families in similar situations. The groups offer an amazing support system for oncology families providing a lifeline to the child, their siblings and parents at a very difficult time. For more information visit: HERE

Your support makes a huge difference and means we can continue our vital work. 

September is a great time to have a fundraiser – organise an event in your school or work place.