AV1 Robots: Empowering children battling cancer with educcation and connection

The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust was first introduced to the inspirational and life-changing AV1 Robot in 2018, where we immediately recognised its profound impact. Acting as the child’s ears, eyes, and voice, we could see how these robots could enable children to virtually attend school, participate in social networks, and engage in their pre-diagnosis lives. Starting with just three robots, we were the first UK charity to bring this pioneering technology to the oncology community. Today, we have expanded to 23 robots, deployed across London, Kent, Surrey, and down to the coast, supporting young cancer patients, schools and hospitals. Most of the children are from primary school, with some in secondary school and sixth form.


The magic of AV1
It is fantastic to see how the AV1 Robots we fund make such a real and positive difference to the lives of young cancer patients in our oncology communities and we are so proud to be a part of this incredible initiative.

Jo Bennett, from The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust demonstrating the magic of AV1.


Howard’s first online lesson at Great Ormond Street Hospital, whilst waiting for chemo and he is learning Spanish! – Howard’s mum, Hermione.


The evidence speaks for itself
The benefits of these robots are evident: 

  • Maintaining academic progression
  • Achieving future potential
  • Accessing better life opportunities
  • Combating social and psychological isolation
  • Restoring positive relationships and connectivity
  • Enhancing emotional, personal, and social development
  • Increasing confidence and self-esteem
  • Strengthening resilience


Improving recovery rates
We are thrilled to see that the AV1 robots are receiving the full recognition they deserve, as highlighted in a recent article in The Sunday Times: Click here

Community Support
Thanks to unwavering community and business support over time, we have been steadily increasing our army of robots.

Demand, however, is still on the increase, and with a waiting list continually on the rise, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensure that no child battling cancer misses out on their education.

Most recent robot sponsors include Barber Charvet, Dr Wolfe, 3i. – Axis and Bells Accountants.


The Costs
Developed by Norwegian innovators No Isolation, each AV1 Robot costs £3,500 which includes a first-year maintenance package. In addition, ongoing maintenance currently stands at a cost of £17,250 per year to the charity. Chartwell’s Jo Bennett, our dedicated point of contact, ensures a smooth set-up, provides training, and works closely with the oncology families, hospitals and schools.


Ways To Help
We can receive support in many different ways:

Be a Patron:
However big or small, regular donations are a great way to make a lasting commitment to our robot appeal. It allows us to plan for the long- term, because we know, day in day out, that we have a steady income stream on which we can rely. Join our dedicated patrons by regular giving, any amount, no matter how big or small. Pledging £30 a month contributes towards 50% of one robot maintenance package. For more information click here

Be a Sponsor:
Many of our robots are sponsored.

Please contact if you would like more information or to arrange a demonstration to see the magic for yourselves!

Whether it is running, walking, jumping out of a plane, hosting a Prosecco party or coffee morning, choose from one of our pre-planned fundraising events. We have something to suit everyone of all ages, and abilities. Be inspired, get together with family, friends, colleagues! Check out our forthcoming event at Bewl Water on Saturday 21st September. For more details and to register, please click here. 


Thanks to our supporters, we can fulfil our commitment to improving the lives of cancer and leukaemia patients and the oncology community by making a real difference to cancer care.

If you are interested in learning more about our AV1 robot appeal or any of the other vital cancer support services we provide, please contact the office on 01959 570322 or email