Nutrition and cancer

Plant Based Health Online, a lifestyle medicine healthcare service that helps patients manage their diagnosis, treatment and recovery of chronic diseases and certain cancers, delivered two group programmes in June for people living with cancer, one for those with colon cancer and another for those with breast cancer designed for optimising cancer survivorship. 


The UK’s first online multidisciplinary lifestyle medicine service 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle medicine is hugely beneficial as it helps reduce the risk of cancer and promotes healthier living after a cancer diagnosis. Plant Based Health Online (PBHO) is the UK’s first CQC registered online multidisciplinary lifestyle medicine service and is passionate about supporting people to live well using the power of healthy habits, including a plant-based diet. 


PBHO run programmes to support people with cancer, who have completed their treatment or are receiving maintenance treatment. The programmes support people to live better, reducing risk factors for other common chronic conditions and improving well-being by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Cancer Survivorship Programmes 

“Dr Laura presented a great informative
PowerPoint, which had up-to-the minute research
results, clearly laid out with evidence references
– it was also extremely relevant to not
only our quality of life, but our actual survival!
It doesn’t get better than that.” 


In June, PBHO ran two programmes, one for those with colon cancer and another for those with breast cancer, supported by The Chartwell Cancer Trust. The six week programmes encouraged patients to empower and take control of their health with positive effects for them and their families. The group setting also benefited with peer support from others going through a similar journey. Led by Dr Laura Freeman, GP, and Lisa Simon, RD, who have both personal and professional experience, the programmes provided expert medical advice on health and wellbeing, nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

We received some lovely and positive feedback from the participants on how informative, relevant, well constructed and managed the programmes were as well as facilitated in such a caring way. 


The Chartwell Cancer Trust is proud to be supporting Plant Based Health Online to deliver cancer survivorship programmes. Please visit or email if you would like further information. 


Eating Plant-Based, Scientific Answers to your Nutrition Questions 

If you are considering the transition to a Plant Based Diet, Dr Shireen Kassam, cancer treatment specialist and founder of PBHO and her sister Dr Zahra Kassam, a practising oncologist, have written a new book ‘Eating Plant-Based; Scientific Answers to Your Nutrition Questions’ – which addresses all those commonly asked questions raised you may have. 

The book is available from many known book stockists including Amazon, World of Books, WH Smith, Waterstones. You can read the first ebook chapter for free from Hammersmith books: