Mojo Health Coach: Empowering men & women beyond cancer

Jo Castle, a dedicated CCT supporter and cancer survivor has transformed her own journey by making positive lifestyle changes.  With her extensive expertise and personal experience, Jo has established her own coaching venture aimed at guiding individuals through the challenges of post-treatment recovery and minimising the risk of recurrence.

Jo’s coaching services encompass a comprehensive range of advice and guidance, focusing on vital aspects such as gut health, inflammation reduction, toxin management, sleep and movement enhancement.  In addition, Jo provides invaluable support in nurturing emotional well-being, using an array of mindset tools and techniques.

Understanding that each individual’s journey is unique, Jo crafts tailored health plans to suit specific needs, complemented by customised meal plans and recipes. Her holistic approach ensures that clients not only recover but thrive, embracing a new sense of normalcy that may surpass their pre-cancer vitality.

As a fully qualified Cancer Recovery Coach, Jo extends a generous discount to all CCT readers and supporters on her comprehensive range of services. While based in Westerham, she offers the flexibility of conducting sessions either via Zoom or in-person meetings.  To schedule a complimentary consultation, visit Mojo Health Coach for more information. 

Jo has also created a confidential on-line questionnaire for people who are post cancer treatment and wouldn’t mind sharing their experience.  The link is Post Cancer Questionnaire (