Celebrating the launch of The Oncology Guide – a new, free and first-of-its-kind health app resource for families living with a childhood cancer diagnosis

This month, we are proud and hugely excited here at The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust to announce the launch of a brand-new, cutting-edge oncology resource made possible by the generosity of our supporters, donors and funding partners. 

Every year in the UK over 1800 children are diagnosed with cancer. The trauma of that diagnosis for families is compounded by the enormous amount of complex information to process in those first few days and weeks – treatment options, procedures, side effects and medical terminology. 

It’s overwhelming for everyone. Until now, there’s been no single, reliable, digestible, easy to access resource for parents and children to turn to for vital information about what lies ahead.

When oncology mum and film maker Charley Scott approached us with a request for funding to realise her inspiring vision for a brand-new oncology app, we immediately saw its potential to address the huge challenges families and young patients face as they navigate their way through devastating journeys following a child’s cancer diagnosis. 


Introducing The Oncology Guide

The Oncology Guide is the first resource of its kind designed to empower parents and to calm & prepare children by providing the knowledge they need most at the start of their cancer journey.

The app demystifies all aspect of treatment and care through bite-sized, engaging family-friendly films and animations for ages 2 – 12, featuring expert oncology practitioners and a host of brave, inspiring young children with first-hand, lived experience of cancer.

The platform covers a range of important topics, including:  

  1. Cancers: Information and videos about the most common children’s cancers
  2. Procedures: Animations and films presented by children who have been through treatment to tell the child about common procedures; X-rays, PICC lines, Port-a-caths, MRI’s…to name a few 
  3. Treatments: Animations and films about the treatments children will face during their cancer journeys, such as chemotherapy.
  4. Charities and support: A place where families can get guidance on where to find extra help – from grants, wigs, days out, to respite care.

The app will also serve as a vital tool for doctors, nurses, charities and key workers, helping get everyone on the same page quickly and easily, when time really is of the utmost importance. 

Designed as a web app, the platform is fully accessible through a web browser on all devices and will feature a shortcut option as an app icon on a devices home screen. 


The power of partnership

As principal funder of The Oncology Guide, we have been working in collaboration with Creator and Founder Charley Scott – the driving force behind the project, alongside King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and CCLG (Children’s Cancer & Leukaemia Group) who have lent their specialist medical knowledge and expertise to ensure content is fully verified, comprehensive and up to the moment.

“We’re delighted to have contributed to the development of this new tool for families of a child diagnosed with cancer. Clear, reliable and easy-to-understand information helps lessen the anxiety and isolation as families navigate their way through their cancer journey. We’re proud to have collaborated to bring our expert-written information to families on this accessible new platform.” Claire Shinfield, Head of Engagement at Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)


The shining young stars of The Oncology Guide

Oncology families have been at the heart of this project from inception and it has been incredibly moving to see young patients take centre stage as presenters in front of the camera with the confidence and flair of professionals!

Ciara, who had 2.5 years of treatment for Leukaemia following a diagnosis at the age of 5, is just one of the many young oncology children who feature in the app.


Previews from The Oncology Guide

An introduction to CT Scans

A young patient presents a video informing families all about CT scan procedures.

An introduction to Picc lines

A young patient presents a video informing families all about Picc Line procedures

Making national impact and breaking new ground

We have been championing the application of technology to support oncology families for several years as leading providers of remote education AV1 robots which ensure children with cancer continue to access their education whilst in treatment. 

The Oncology Guide is a thrilling next step forward for us, not only expanding our work in the digital space but also increasing our reach and profile on a national level and allowing us to make truly transformational impact on an unprecedented scale.


A huge thank you to our supporters…

As ever, we would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to everyone who contributed to our fundraising efforts and enabled this incredible project to go ahead. 

Alongside all those who generously donated to the appeal by contributing to own fundraising campaigns and events, we would also like to acknowledge the support of The National Lottery, The Axis Foundation, Barber Charvet Foundation, the estate of Dr Janet Wolf and Clarkson, Laptops & Lipstick, Charles Darwin School, The Bromley Court Hotel and Clarkson, Wright & Jakes.

Visit The Oncology Guide website to find out more.