YouCan – Youth Cancer Support is a charity that supports young people throughout the South East and London whose lives have been impacted by cancer. YouCan are part of the Children’s Development Trust which has been operating for 9 years, mostly with children and young people, helping them to improve their lives through well-being, sport, health and the arts.

Having cancer at a young age can be a lonely and isolating experience and YouCan has been set up to offer positive guidance and support, during and after treatment, for as long as is needed covering many important times, such as changing schools, going to University, starting work and planning a future.

YouCan offer individual and group support focusing on regaining confidence and increasing wellbeing through exercise and nutrition workshops, counselling, complementary therapies, and encouraging peer interaction and friendship. YouCan also has a house by the Kent seaside were you can take a respite break with friends and family to enjoy some time-out away from the day to day stresses of living with cancer.

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contact 01732 844874 or email