The Friends of The PRUH’s aim is to help improve everyday life of patients and staff in The Princess Royal University Hospital. The Charity responds to a wide range of requests, large and small, from medical, nursing and administrative staff, to the purchase of much needed medical equipment to supplement that provided by the NHS. The Friends also provide extra facilities for wards and departments, plus small gifts for patients and staff in the hospital over Christmas and on special occasions.

Recent purchases have included a Bladder Scanner for use in the Discharge Lounge, four new chairs for the Outpatients’ Consulting Rooms, and the refurbishment of staffrooms and patient dayrooms. They also fund courtesy packs for patients returning home on their own and for unplanned admissions, and provide money for afternoon teas for patients with dementia on the Darwin Unit. Over recent months, The Friends of The PRUH have been concentrating on four main projects:

• Refurbishment of a High Dependency Cubicle on the Children’s Ward, partly funded by a generous donation

• Sonosite Ultrasound Scanner for use in the Anaesthetics Department

• Refurbishment of a waiting room and viewing room in the Mortuary, assisted by contributions from three local Funeral Directors

• Providing much-needed seating in the X-ray department in conjunction with The Chartwell Cancer Trust

The Friends and the Community Paediatric Team also operate an ‘Oncology Travel Scheme’, similar to that funded by The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust for oncology children when they urgently need to travel to cancer specialist hospitals if an ambulance is not required. The Charity raises funds through events including regular sales of books, toys and gifts, Charity Evenings at the Bromley Little Theatre, and Charity Meals. It also receives generous donations and legacies. The Friends of The PRUH are always grateful to staff and visitors who support them and are happy to receive donations of good quality books and items for their sales tables. Offers of help would be most welcome too!

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