Well done to our wing-walkers who successfully roller-coastered their way around the skies in June and September soaring at the dizzy heights of 50-600 feet and speeds of up to 130mph! Our fabulous three were Norman Clark, Sarah Eastwood and Melanie Cogan.

Sarah is no stranger to The Chartwell Cancer Trust and has supported us for some years. Sarah said: “Because I didn’t think that by jumping out of a moving plane in the clouds was enough, I decided that the time had come to do something extraordinary, and push my boundaries of courage and experience by standing on the wing of a plane in the sky. You may well say I’m stupid, perhaps a little crazy, and you would be right to, but this Charity is close to my heart and the way it helps raise important funds is excellent.”

Melanie too had her own reason for undertaking this brave challenge. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lobular Breast Cancer. She said: “I had no intention of leaving my wonderful boys and pledged to do all I could, in harmony with my medical team, to get rid of the cancer and, hopefully keep it away.

“I was treated at The Chartwell Unit and the staff made my time there so much more bearable. The remarkable work they all do and the way they do it with a smile, helped, without a shadow of a doubt, to keep me sane and positive throughout. “I cannot emphasise enough the huge difference the Charity has made in the Chartwell Unit. I am still a patient there; I have finished my chemo, completed a course of radiotherapy and now attend follow-up appointments and treatments, which will continue for the next few years.

“I wanted to do more than just say thank you; I wanted to show my deep appreciation another way. For some daft reason I chose to do this being strapped to the top of a flying plane! I don’t like heights at all and am definitely not your typical adrenalin junkie, but I detest cancer more, and wanted to do my part in helping to keep Chartwell going.” Norman Clark also regularly supports the charity He is probably our oldest ‘adrenalin junkie’ at the ripe young age of 79, having previously skydived for The CCT. The age limit for wing-walking is 65, but after, much begging and pleading, he finally got this wish! Well done to the wing-walking team for your amazing and brave efforts and for raising over £7,000!

Of course, we have tandem skydives and wing-walks planned for next year, so, if you think you are brave enough, get in touch!