On 11th August, Warboar Games hosted its annual Star Wars X-Wing store Championship event at its Bromley Board game cafe and gaming store. There was a slightly smaller turnout than previous years as a new edition of the game was being launched in September. But this didn’t stop a bunch of eager pilots descending onto Bromley.

Jason Grimwood, Director of Warboar, uses these events to help raise funds for The Chartwell Cancer Trust and CCT Tiger Ward. This time, he decided to open up the tournament to the online X-Wing community. This received amazing support as they all bought raffle tickets because of the many fantastic prizes on offer. Jason ended up writing out almost 1000 raffle tickets, but it was worth it, because it raised around a staggering £2000! Jason said: “Warboar Games continues to support The Chartwell Cancer Trust and always in support of its most famous pilot at the store, Annamaria Ong, who will forever be in our hearts.”

Thank you to Warboar Games for continuing to support us and to everyone who took part.