Congratulations to supporters Valley Primary School for their amazing efforts in reaching the target for  their Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt, by making in excess of 36,000 Pom Poms! The official count, by Guinness World Record officials and Adjudicator, along with a film crew, took place on Friday 5th July. When we went to press we were still waiting to hear if the record had officially been broken.

Due to the sheer volume of Pom Poms, a bigger space was needed for the official count. This took place in the Sports Hall of Langley Boys School. This was a very long and painstaking process as the Pom Poms had to be laid out in one long continuous line, each touching each other with no gaps. The Pom Poms were counted twice under the supervision of the Adjudicator with several cameras filming the evidence. Some of the children were filmed, sharing their experiences and even got a sneaky peek of the new GWR 2020 book! CCT’s Michelle Simpson was also interviewed, which was a fantastic opportunity to explain how the charity got involved with this exciting project and the chance to demonstrate the AV1 ‘No Isolation robot’ that the school is raising funds for.

Charlotte English from Valley Primary School said: “Everyone did an awesome job and we certainly worked hard enough to smash the record, so fingers crossed. Thanks a million to everyone who helped out. It was a very long day but hopefully our efforts will be rewarded, it was a fantastic community event and hopefully achievement!”

Valley Primary School are now patiently waiting to hear from GWR for official confirmation that they have indeed broken the Pom Pom record!

Well done for getting this far and we have everything crossed that the record is awarded to you. Thank you to everyone who made the Pom Poms over the past year, especially CCT supporter, Barbara Cole, who made over a staggering 3,000 Pom Poms!

Statistics from the 2019 Book of Guinness World Records

38,205 applications were made for record attempts last year. This is more than 100 a day. Only 3,178 (8%) of these were approved. Only 0.0054% of the World’s population have the right to display a Guinness World Record Certificate on their wall and a very small number of these are recorded in the Guinness World Records Book.