The No Isolation Robot

Pioneering technology keeping young Cancer and Leukaemia patients connected to school life, education, friendship and normality as they undergo treatment.

An estimated 35,000 children in the UK are battling long-term illness and the traumatic upheaval to their lives and inevitable absences from school can be as devastating as the illness itself. For educators and parents, there has been a frustrating lack of solutions to alleviate the isolation and disruption that these children suffer from as a result of their illness – until now.

Introducing the AV1 Robot Norwegian company No Isolation have developed an ingeniously simple answer in the form of a compact, portable robot. Equipped with microphone, loudspeaker and camera, the AV1 robot acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice and livestreams direct to a phone or tablet via an app offering a seamless, interactive connection with school wherever the child is. Its handy portability allows the child to participate in every aspect of school life – all being so important for their wellbeing and social development.

Our commitment As part of our ongoing commitment to improving and enhancing cancer care for young people in London and the South East, The Chartwell Cancer Trust are working with No Isolation to expand the use of this technology in the UK and introduce these life-changing robots in hospitals and schools across South London and Kent.

To date, we have raised funds and built partnerships to support up to 12 trials with young patients with resoundingly successful outcomes reported by the children, medical staff and teachers alike.
Our fundraising challenge We have a vision – to extend the provision of this transformational technology within our community and eliminate isolation and exclusion amongst our children with long-term illnesses.

With tried and tested results, we are now looking for partners and sponsors to help us raise the funds and realise our ambitions to bring these life-changing robots to more young people who are desperately in need of a life-line back to their education, peer groups and everyday lives.

Grateful thanks to our first ‘Robot Sponsors’ – partners and staff of Messrs. Clarkson Wright & Jakes, Solicitors and VINCI spearheaded by Paulette West. You have just changed a young child’s life.
If you are interested in supporting this pioneering project using technical innovation to change children’s lives, please get in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities with us.

“Every day our young patients suffer from extreme isolation – cut off from their world of school and friendships at a critical time developmentally, when they need their support networks most. These little robots have the power to open up the world again for these children and mitigate the educational and social rupture caused by cancer.”
Claire Smith, Teacher at Queen Elizabeth Hospital School.


Contact: Michael Douglas, Hon. Trustee,
The Chartwell Cancer Trust Email: Call: 07760 786 881