Research is a very important part of the fight to beat cancer and leukaemia. Towards the end of last year, we donated £20,000 – a significant contribution – to enable vital research to commence on working with cultured cells from patients and manipulating them with gene editing. Professor John Strouboulis, Chair of Molecular Erythropoiesis of the School of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Studies at King’s College Hospital attended our Christmas Dinner in the House of Commons in December to explain the importance of this research initiative in more detail.

As well as our ongoing support to the Chartwell Unit, top of the wish list from the Breast Cancer Team is for a ‘Localizer’ machine, a revolutionary new way to guide breast surgeries easily and accurately using radio frequency. There are no surgical wires making it less stressful for patients, and the procedure is more accurate and streamlined, removing scheduling conflicts among surgical teams. The Localizer will greatly increase efficiencies by helping to reduce waiting times and producing accurate results improving the patient experience overall. One Localizer costs £40,000.

Thank you to Sarah and Bob Rihal for organising a party in December to help raise funds for our ‘Localizer Appeal’.