As with all workplaces, our operations here at The Chartwell Cancer Trust have been greatly impacted by the Coronavirus crisis but we will be working harder than ever to continue supporting major and local hospitals across London and the South East during this crisis.

As you are aware, our charity raises money for the NHS which supports the procurement of critically needed equipment, the refurbishment of facilities and invaluable aid for the patients, families and medical staff battling Cancer and Leukaemia.

All NHS services are under unprecedented strain and now more than ever they need our help to rise to the challenges presented by Covid-19 whilst also ensuring that the individuals who are suffering other types of disease are looked after.

Cancer and Leukaemia patients are in a very high-risk group as a result of the immunocompromised state they are left in during and after treatment. Treatment for oncology patients must continue and the services we help to fund enable this to happen safely and effectively.

CCT Events and Fundraising Activities
In the light of the measures that have been taken by the government, we will be postponing our scheduled community fundraising activities over the coming months including The Croydon 5k Walk in June.

We will be updating you further as plans unfold in terms of our funding support for the NHS as well as for the oncology patients and families who are facing such challenges now – during what is already such a devastating time in their lives.

In the meantime, if you would like to play your part in offering support, please donate what you can to our Chartwell, Cancer & Covid-19 Giving Page using the link below.

Every penny of the money we raise will give vital help to these oncology patients, families and medical teams.

Here at the charity, we value your support now more than ever, please help us to help the healthcare sector who are fighting so hard to bring us through this crisis.

We are working really hard ourselves behind the scenes to prepare a major fundraising campaign to raise funds in areas where we operate. We are counting on the support of as many people as possible to get help to those who need it most. More information will follow.


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