Thank you to Louise Preston for organising a garden party in August for The CCT. Earlier in the year, her best friend of 24 years was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and received her treatment in the Chartwell Unit. Louise said: “The care by the staff was overwhelming and really helped her friend, family and those who love her to get through the chemo and the toughest of times. After my friend underwent a bone marrow transplant, I decided that I needed to fundraise. I asked her who she would like me to raise the money for, and she immediately replied the Chartwell Unit.” Louise invited friends and neighbours to her garden party. She organised a variety of games and activities including ‘Name the donkey’ (after the consultant who told her friend she was cancer-free); a raffle and an auction where her friends donated their time and skills, offering services such as lawn mowing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, car washing, dog walking and babysitting.

Unfortunately, her friend, couldn’t attend due to low neutropenic levels. Despite this, the day was great fun and an amazing success. Louise said: “We raised over £700, which was a fantastic amount, made possible by all of those who participated and gave so generously, including their time. We hope it will enable the Chartwell Unit to continue helping other people at an immensely difficult time in their lives.”