Congratulations to our June and September Skydivers who successfully jumped at the Headcorn Aerodrome in Maidstone. Our tandem teams bravely took to the skies jumping out at 12,000 feet! They were incredibly lucky to have such good weather, blue skies and mild winds, perfect jumping conditions.

In June, we had a wonderful team of colleagues from Barclays Bank, Madeline Double, Alex Steeds, Verity Layfield and Luke Ash. Alex jumped in memory of his lovely Grandad, Bazza who bravely fought cancer a few years ago. He was cared for by the Chartwell Unit during his battle. Alex said: “The care and support given to him and our family was incredible, The Chartwell Cancer Trust definitely helped to make a horrible situation easier.”

Our fabulous September team were: Amanda Steaman, Rebecca Pryor, CWJ’s Paris Shaw, Laptops and Lipstick’s Josephine Foster, and Michael Cogley from DirectLine.

Michael Cogley, was incredibly brave indeed. He said: “I don’t really like heights, have never been in a plane and it scares the life out of me thinking about it, but you only live once, so why not!” He was grateful for the support he received to make the jump and to help cancer patients get the help they need.

Rebecca, who also jumped in September said: “I’m always up for a challenge and, if you are going to do one, why not raise money for a good cause at the same time? This year my Nana underwent two operations and radiotherapy at the age of 83. If she can manage this, surely I can manage a sky dive?! A few years ago, I worked with a wonderful girl called Becky who inspired me whilst I was on a University placement. She was so much fun and full of life, but sadly cancer got the better of her in her mid-thirties. She taught me to just go for it and have a go at anything – life is for living. This is for you Becky!”

Collectively they raised £7,000, a fantastic achievement and well done for being so brave! Thank you also to Barclays Bank and DirectLine for match-funding their jumpers! Poor 16-year old Jayden Jarivs has had his jump cancelled so many times, but isn’t giving up and does have a new date set! Hopefully we will be able to report a successful and safe landing in the next issue! Jayden may be 17 by then! Good luck to Jayden, fingers crossed this time round.