Congratulations and a massive thank you to our amazing skydivers for taking the plunge on Saturday 11th March. Trustee Michael Douglas and CCT Group Trustee Stacey Brown popped down to the Headcorn Skydive Centre to wish
them all luck.

Our skydivers could not have picked a better day! Spring was in the air, a beautiful blue sky, warm temperatures and a gentle breeze, perfect skydive conditions. All our skydivers arrived early as planned, checked in and received their training briefing. We knew it would not be too long before the first of our jumpers would set off on the plane with their tandem skydive instructors heading up to 12,000 feet before the big jump! We had eight skydivers, seven jumping for The CCT and one for CCT Tiger Ward.
This included a team of six from Direct Line, Lynn Murray and a very very nervous Charlie Hone who had never been up in a plane before! (Nothing at all to do with the fact that he was 1kg over the maximum weight limit, which we only discovered the day before!) It was a fantastic day. Families and
friends were there to watch their loved ones do something incredible and we were proud to be able to have met them all. You may recall that some of our
October skydivers were unable to jump due to adverse weather
conditions. We are pleased to report that Richard Linnell completed his skydive in March. Well done and a big thank you to him!

Murat Ibrahim and Kenji Watanabe from DirectLine, Tracy Crawford, Kate English and Victoria Harding are due to complete theirs soon and we wish them lots of luck.

Our next team tandem skydive event is planned for Saturday 1st July. If you want to experience the thrill of skydiving from 12,000 feet and a freefall of 30-40 seconds, call us today or register your interest on! We will cover the cost of your skydive upfront, so you can concentrate on your fundraising.