We find November to be a great month of reflection and planning for most of our clients and individuals. It’s a good time to reflect on the past few months and to plan for the year ahead. It’s also a good time to go over the ‘to do’ lists and resolutions from the beginning of the year and it’s possible that you may have yet to prepare your Will.

We all know that making a Will provides certainty of your wishes. It reduces worry and anxiety for your loved ones left behind by our death.

Those left behind will know exactly what you want with your money, property and possessions.

It ensures that our family and or loved ones or favourite charity such as The Chartwell Cancer Trust inherit our estate as intended and avoids expensive legal arguments and financial difficulty.

Once you have a Will it is also a good idea to ensure that you review it on any significant change in your personal circumstances such as divorce, remarriage, coming into money, having children or any other significant change.

Whilst we do not wish to dampen the party season with morbid talk, it is always worth a gentle reminder that death and taxes are a part of life. An estimated 70% of the UK population do not have Wills which accurately reflect their circumstance or wishes. We encourage everyone over 18 to consider having one! There are several schemes to assist with the cost of having a Will drawn.

We are offering 10% off of the cost of Wills prepared between November 2017- March 2018 to The Chartwell Cancer Trust to support the amazing work they do in the Bromley and surrounding areas! Let’ s support them together.

For more information contact Pishon Gold Solicitors LB of Bromley on 0208 468 1032 or email info@pishongold.co.uk