Our Aim

The Chartwell Cancer Trust and The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust are two vitally important local charities raising funds to make improvements to Cancer Care for patients – adults and children – across the Bromley Borough, South East London and Kent. Our aim is to change the lives of patients suffering with Cancer and Leukaemia.


Founder and Hon Trustee Michael Douglas contracted leukaemia in 2003 and was treated in the Chartwell Unit. During this time, he was struck by how understaffed the Unit was, with patients having long waiting times to be prepared for their treatment.  So, he set up The Chartwell Cancer Trust in 2005 to fund additional medical staff specially for the  Unit.  His leukaemia did return in 2008 but thanks to the Chartwell Team he, is currently enjoying good health.

The charity has been raising funds for the past 13 years through a variety of fundraising initiatives. We have helped to transform healthcare across the region, refurbishing medical facilities; providing patient and family support; and investing in innovation for young cancer patients by equipping schools with ‘No Isolation’ robots connecting seriously ill children to their classrooms digitally.

In the last three years, The Chartwell Cancer Trust has raised over £1 million for local hospitals as a result of the amazing support and commitment from supporters, patrons, sponsors and fundraisers.

Whilst we have achieved huge things, the battle against cancer continues.




Hon Trustee:
Michael Douglas

Natalie Reilly, Bobby Beech, Rachel Rogan


“More and more you hear about someone who has been affected by this dreadful disease, whether it’s a friend, colleague or a close family member says Trustee Bobby Beech.


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