Our Aim

To support local Cancer and Leukaemia services by providing funds to enhance and improve patient care.


Founder and Hon Trustee Michael Douglas contracted leukaemia in 2003. Fortunately, the team in the Chartwell Unit got him out of trouble.  During this time, he was struck by how understaffed the Unit was, with patients having long waiting times to be prepared for their treatment.  He, therefore, set up The Chartwell Cancer Trust in 2005  to raise funds for additional medical staff specifically for the Chartwell Cancer and Leukaemia Unit.  His leukaemia did return in 2008 but the Chartwell Team thankfully got him out of trouble again.  He is currently enjoying good health.

Since then The Chartwell Cancer Trust has grown and we are increasing the level of support we provide.  We continue to fund additional medical staff and also help with capital projects, equipment and training as well as assisting families undergoing extreme financial difficulty while receiving treatment for these diseases.

The Chartwell Cancer Trust consists of Managing Trustees and Group Trustees. The Group Trustees meet on a monthly basis to discuss various fundraising opportunities.   All of the Trustees are Volunteers.

“More and more you hear about someone who has been affected by this dreadful disease, whether it’s a friend, colleague or a close family member says Trustee Bobby Beech.


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