There are over 10,000 endoscopic procedures each year. With an increase in demand for these services, the Endoscopy Unit now has to make improvements to comply with National Standards. Medical Director, Mr Prakash Sinha, has supported The Chartwell Cancer Trust for many years. He advised that there is an area in The PRUH that has been allocated for a new, redesigned Endoscopy Unit but there is no NHS funding available to complete the upgrade. We have agreed to raise £350,000 to support the upgrade costs. The new upgrade will ensure and maintain the Unit’s vital role in providing diagnostic tests to diagnose Gastrointestinal, Bowel, Lung and Pancreatic cancers.

Supporter John Leeson wrote to us to thank us for our efforts. In March, he was advised that he needed a Colonoscopy. The ‘surveillance’ procedure was eventually scheduled for August, postponed to September, and then moved to October. He said: “Remembering that this procedure was first requested by the doctors in March, reflects the strain that is current!”