Eric Scott suffered from CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukeamia) for a number of years. He was being treated in the Chartwell Unit during this time until he sadly passed away on 15th January 2017. Eric was a keen golfer and his daughter, Tracy, thought it seemed only fitting and natural to organise a golf day in his memory and to raise funds for The Chartwell Cancer Trust as a thank you for the care, dignity and friendly and positive approach Eric and his family received. Tracy Scott reports.


My Father – Eric Scott suffered from CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia) for a number of years. Eric’s disease and the treatment he received resulted in him having a suppressed immune system and was highly susceptible to infections. When Dad got an infection, the best place for him to be was in the Chartwell Unit at the PRUH where he, and the family, was treated with care, dignity and with a friendly and positive approach, which we were all very grateful for. He was part of three separate trials testing new drugs, but eventually they were having less and less affect, the infections becoming more frequent. We sadly lost him on 15th January 2017. Dad was a keen golfer, he found the game later in life, and he enjoyed the technical aspect of the game and playing with his golf buddies every Tuesday at Cray Valley Golf Course. He was never going to make the Pro tour though! So it seemed only fitting and natural to organise a golf day in his memory to raise some funds for The Chartwell Cancer Trust.


We organised our first game on June 4th at Broke Hill, Halstead. We had 19 people playing, all close family and friends. They knew Dad well and many had played golf with him in the past. We organised a raffle with some great prizes donated by The CCT, friends and family. These included two General Admission Tickets to the Open at Royal Birkdale (it is a famous golf competition held in the UK for the uninitiated!), a four Ball at Foxhills Golf Resort in Surrey, wine, cake and some golfing items. Each player was also given a ball (one of Dad’s) which he used to mark with a large letter E as a free shot to hit at any point. We finished the day with dinner and the raffle back at the clubhouse. We raised £916, which was not bad for 35 people! We also sold drinks and cake from a golf buggy during the game, so many thanks to Eleanor and Amelia Scott for that service.


Everybody enjoyed the day. Some people re-acquainted themselves with the game and have since played a couple of more times; some were new and had lessons in order to play. We made some wooden spoons for the last place and had golf trophies for first place, kindly donated and engraved with “Eric Scott Memorial Golf Day”. First prize went to Eric’s grandson – Rhys and his partner Andy. Rhys was playing with his Grandads’ golf clubs… they are now the lucky clubs and we hope to repeat the competition in 2018! We would like to thank Tracy and her family for organising such a wonderful day in Eric’s memory, and to Jean, Eric’s wife, for her continued support to The CCT.