We are delighted to announce that CCT supporters Laptops and Lipstick have nominated The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Charity as their chosen charity of the coming year, having supported The Chartwell Cancer Trust over the past two years, raising £4,500. Charlie Chartwell even paid them a surprise visit to thank them in person at a recent Laptops meeting. CCT’s Michelle Simpson secretly changed into the Charlie Chartwell mascot to carry out her 60 second pitch. This went down a real storm and Michelle very deservedly won the award for the best 60 seconds speech, and for the most laughs! At the meeting, Michelle also thanked Alex and Lindie for taking part in The CCT’s charity O2 climb in May and to everyone who sponsored and came along to support them on the day. The Group are also returning to the CCT’s Dragon Boat Event in September to kick-start their new year of fundraising, and to challenge their best race heat time!