The Chartwell Cancer Trust are delighted to have been offered the following nine flights for Silent Auction prizes at our various charity events.

3 trips of 2 people in de Havilland Dragonfly G-AEDU (The Duchess)

3 trips of 1 person in Socata TB20 Trinidad G-OALD

3 trips of 1 person in the Miles Falcon Major G-AEEG

All of the flights won at the Auctions will take place on Saturday 21st September as a ‘Chartwell’ Day which also includes a tour of the hangar prior to the flights. Each flight will last for approximately 30-40 minutes. The reserve for each flight is £150 per person. These historic flights are also open to anyone who wishes to make a private silent bid. Please contact the office on 01959 570322 or email

Special thanks to Graham Powell, Peter Greenyer and the Shipping and Airlines Ltd team for their wonderful support.

The Shipping and Airlines Historic Aircraft Collection De Havilland Dragonfly
G-AEDU – 1937 The de Havilland Dragonfly was the last of the de Havilland series of bi-planes. It was designed as a twin engined luxury biplane and constructed at their Hatfield Aerodrome site in 1937. There is a distinct family resemblance to the Rapide aircraft but is smaller, has higher aspect, sweptback wings and has a very different structure. The Dragonfly’s fuselage structure was a new preformed plywood monocoque shell developed from the Comet Racer which ultimately was to be the genesis of the the “Wooden Wonder” Mosquito. There were 66 Dragonfly built in total and Shipping and Airlines is very proud to own one of only two flying examples left and the only one in Europe!

Socata TB20 Trinidad – 1984
The Socata TB20 Tobago is a modern light aircraft of metal construction and was developed in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s by the French aero manufacturer Socata. The TB designation deriving from the French city Tarbes where they were built. The TB series became a very popular training and touring aircraft, the TB 20 or “Trinidad” being a more powerful, faster and longer-range version of the earlier variants.

Miles Falcon Major – 1936
The M.3A Falcon Major was the first enclosed cabin monoplane designed by Frederick George Miles for Miles Aircraft and was a development of their successful Miles Hawk open cockpit aircraft. It was used as a private transport aircraft and many were used in the air taxi role as well as air racers, particularly in the later model the Falcon Six G-AEEG (c/n 216) was built at Woodley, Reading by Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd in 1936.