Ana Barros-Wood has been volunteering at the Brixton shop since September 2018, coming into the shop on a Friday morning and creating calm and order from the preceding week’s donations with the help of our team of volunteers. Ana runs her own Feng Shui home decluttering and organising business. She launched her business back in June 2018. She arrived in the UK in 2004 and worked within Healthcare for over 10 years – the last 4 of which already exploring (and doing some freelance work) in the fields of Decluttering; Organising and Styling. Feng Shui has been a passion from when she was a child – and she is now LIVING HER DREAM! Ana said: “Since I started volunteering at the Chartwell Shop last year, I haven’t looked back and I am still ’very much in love’ and enjoying each session. The reason I volunteer is linked to the cause you support, and to repay my Debts of Gratitude to my dearest beloved cousin, Junot (who passed away when he was 19), and other family members and friends that have survived.” “I look forward to extending my Collaborations within the Foundation and sharing my unique skill amongst Patients; Relatives; Staff and other Shops alike.” “Here’s to another Amazing Year Together!” Charity Shop NEWS Thank you Ana and welcome to The Chartwell Cancer Trust family!


We are inviting fundraising support specifically for our King’s College Hospital Projects within the local communities through the House of Hygge and Charity Shop and from the various fundraisers we have lined up throughout the year. Supporters can join or attend one of our events, choose us as their chosen charity, organise their own or sponsor an event, or make a regular or one off donation.