Well done to our tandem skydiving team who took the plunge on Saturday 1st July. Our team of four had an amazing time so they told us! Sian-Louise Fazzani, Emily Hone and Lesley-Anne Hollman explained how they really enjoyed the experience, although they were also completely terrified at the same time! Direct Line’s Pavneet Arora said she loved every minute of it. Although having to wait five hours before jumping because of the cloud and wind, she said it was well worth the wait. Pavneet said that, at first, it felt like she was jumping onto tons of cotton candy, which gave her a false perception of how far away the ground actually was, and her heart skipped a beat when she realised how high up they were! However, this initial feeling soon disappeared and she said it was “awesome”.

Congratulations to them all! It really is a brave challenge and deserved of the fantastic support they received from family and friends. Collectively they raised over £2,500, which is fantastic. Thank you.