Isolation – a long shadow cast by cancer

Treatment can leave patients with severely compromised immune-systems and highly susceptible to infection. Contamination carries the most critical risks and protective measures include extended periods of physical isolation in highly controlled environments. The restrictive nature of quarantine necessarily reduces the world of the patient to the confines of the house, hospital and in some cases a single room. In these cases, contact with the world beyond the illness is minimal to non-existent. These circumstances almost inevitably lead to feelings of extreme psychological isolation and social disconnection. For educators and parents, there has been a frustrating lack of solutions – until now.

THE MAGIC OF AV1: The Chartwell Cancer Trust is the first charity in the UK to equip young cancer patients in the South East and Kent with a pioneering tech solution, providing a lifeline back to school life, education and normality.

The No Isolation Robot allows young patients to stay connected with their classmates, peers and teachers when they are too ill to physically attend school. It acts as the child’s eyes, ears and voice from wherever the child is, be it in hospital or at home. The built-in camera and speaker can stream live footage from the classroom so that the child can see and interact with school friends, and join in with the class as if they were physically there.

The Trust, with the support of Clarkson Wright and Jakes and Vinci Facilities, has raised funds to enable twelve robots and children to be paired – with plans to expand the provision further based on the success of the trials and growing demand. Our mission is to bring transformative technology to as many of our young oncology patients as we can restoring learning and laughter into the lives of seriously ill children.

The Chartwell Cancer Trust is hosting an AV1 Robot Demonstration and Awareness Evening on Wednesday 15th May, 7- 9pm at Oakley House, Bromley in collaboration with manufacturers No Isolation. A chance to witness the magic of this technology first-hand and find out how to support the project.

For more info call 01959 570322 or email

Watch the AV1 video HERE