THANK YOU  for the kind and generous donations we receive as a thank you for the care and treatment received at the Chartwell Cancer & Leukaemia Unit. 



In Memory of Cynthia Cole

In Memory of Michael Frederick Griffiths

In Memory of Eric Scott

In Memory of Robert Owen Griffiths

In Memory of Brenda Black

In Memory of Christine Jones

In Memory of Jane Munroe

In Memory of Valerie Moon

In Memory of Daphne Josephine Grimes

In Memory of Margaret Winifred Wilmot

In Memory of the late Dennis Arthur Oinn

In Memory of Audrey Maginnis

In Memory of Phyllis Doreen Nugent

In Memory of Tracy Jewitt (Ottewill)

In Memory of Tony Tovey

In Memory of Michael Harris

In Memory of Michael Terrence Rhodes

In Memory of Julia New

In Memory of Valerie Moon

In Memory of Albert Edward Stone

In Memory of Hazel Davis

In Memory of Patricia Ann Moore

In Memory of Gillian Rabbeth

In Mrs Jennie Palmer

In Memory of Stuart Robert Bartlett

In Memory of Antony Collins

In Memory of Malcolm Bushell

In Memory of Raymond Collins

In Memory of Doreen Harris

In Memory of Herbie Taylor

In Memory of Derek Camp

In Memory of Phil Jones

In Memory of Lilian Wells

In Memory of Denise Hood

In Memory of Dave Eastwood

In Memory of Anne Brown

In Memory of Ken Kitchen

In Memory of Doris Holmes

In Memory of Beryl Land

In Memory of Mr Robert Willis

In Memory of Mr Cheesman

In Memory of Gerlinde Wright

In Memory of John Bolt

In Memory of John Albert Bates

In Memory of Lily-Mae

In Memory of Mary Judge

In Memory of Don Nott

In Memory of Philip Spencer Cooper

In Memory of Gillian Kathleen Stacey

In Memory of Bryant (Bud) Leslie Taylor

In Memory of Christopher Morris

In Memory of Dr Philip Cornwell

In Memory of Ingrid Kolli

In Memory of John Pritchard

In Memory of Margaret Shearer

In Memory of Alan Edward Burrows

In celebration of the life of Mr Roger Martin

In Memory of William Donald Storer

In Memory of Mr Vernon Albert Osmond

In Memory of Brian Sterry

In Memory of Mrs Greta Valerie Elizabeth Noble

In Memory of Janet Anne Hayward

In Memory of Anna Delores Lucy Wells

In Memory of Eileen Joyce Wilson – 20th May 1926 – 8th August 2013

In Memory of  David Wesley Brett

In Memory of Harry Beresford

In Memory of Dr Douglas Peebles

In Fondest Memory of “Dangerous” Brian Weston

In Memory of “Sally” Mabel Ann Reed

In Memory of Carmel Anne Barker

In Memory of Mrs Iris Payne

In Memory of Mrs Sheila Cox

In Memory of Mrs Penelope Inwood and Mr Kevin Inwood

In Memory of Mr Ewan Wilson

In Memory of Albert Goord

In Memory of Mr Ronald Frederick Holmes

In  Memory of Joan Bundock

In Memory of Alfred Michael Stubbington

Donations – CCT Tiger Ward

Mytime – Community Investment Fund

Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent

Master and Brethren of West Kent Lodge of Charity

Master and Brethren of North Kent Lodge of Charity

Waitrose Oxted Community Matters Scheme

Bromley Reform Synagogue

Mrs J Howes

Wrattans Gift Shop and Café Chislehurst

ERSG – selling bags for life and for organising a bring their child to work day

Mrs P A Hunt

Greenwich Police Borough Commander’s Christmas Service

Mrs C Humphreys

Mr & Mrs P McNally

Mrs Bonetti

Mrs Dunmow

Mrs Worley

The Reverend Duncan Atkins

Peter Giles

North Kent Lodge

Mr Douglas Thomas

Mrs Lesley Gabriel

Mr and Mrs Jamaspian

Diana Maloney

Mrs H E Buckingham

Mrs Palmer

Mr & Mrs Mackey

Mrs Mary Carter

Mr B H Evans

Mr & Mrs Neal

Mr & Mrs Harbett

Betty and Dave Croft – collections from their fun days

Sonia and Harley Clark-Hurren

Elizabeth Gross

Day Lewis Pharmacy, Stock Hill Surgery

Reynolds Training Academy

NCS Group – Greenwich Centre

Waitrose Greenwich

Waitrose Green Street Green

John Lewis Bluewater – Community Matters Support that took place from February to April

Waitrose Biggin Hill

Kerri Baker

Waitrose Oxted

Waitrose Sidcup

Kathleen Bolt

Vincent Grima – thank you

Tim West

Donations – CCT

Mr Colpus

Mr Cobham

AK Theatre Group

Mr Simon Brise

Mr & Mrs Wells

Mr B J & Mrs L E Etherton

Mrs A M Taylor

Flowers for All – donated by members and friends of Flowers for All, flower club of Chislehurst, at their tea party in Janaury

Carol Coverley for the care her husband Roger Coverley received in the Chartwell Unit

Go Travel – Travel Insurance Policies

Christopher John

Wendy Cornwell – donations in lieu of presents at her 70th Birthday Party

Waitrose Biggin Hill Community Matters Scheme

Bullers Wood School – Cake Sales organised by Form 11H

Pattison Lodge 913

Westwood Lodge

Waitrose – Bromley North Community Matters Scheme

Waitrose – Bromley South Community Matters Scheme

Sybil Andrew

Mr and Mrs Jamaspian

Mrs J Brittan

Sue Scott in memory of Eric Scott

Kathy and Martin Day in memory of Eric Scott

Mrs Demelza Morgan

Ladycroft WI

Stephen Skinner – Orpington Xmas Lights Mickleham Road

Michael Hylands

Officers and Members of Court of Apollo of the Ancient Order of Foresters

Officers and Members of Court Nelsons Pride of the Ancient Order of Foresters

Sarah Lambert – instead of Xmas Cards

Mrs R J Baughan

Mr Osman Oltan – Shirley Fish Bar

Philippa Francis-West

Temple United Reformed Church – Christmas Donation

Joanne Abbott and Mrs Collier

Suzy Bates – no Christmas Card appeal

Mr Michael O’Connell

Mrs M L Panayiotou

Crofton Residents Association

Mr Anthony Millis – thank you for the care provided to my wife Jennifer Millis

Mrs D A Airey

Barry Grainger

Sarah Chitty

Karen Louder

Mr Phil Shearer

Fiona McNicol

Mr Allan Tabraham

Mr Ray Ramus

Mr Sealy

Pam Snelgrove

Mr R Colnet

Theresa Hobbs

Brian Wingate

Mr Gerry Franklin

Mr Darren Millis – thank you to the nurses and staff for the care and support provided to my mum Jennifer Millis

Mr Clive Cain

Borough of Woolwich Lodge

Mrs L N Reidy and Mrs J M Willcox

Mrs Marchant

Mr and Mrs Wilmot

Mrs R D Kemp

Linda Inett

Mrs R Flood

Robert Avery

Ali Kali

Malcolm Dalton

Mr Harwood

Mrs Carter

Mr Roy Ellis

Mrs Rosemary Holden

Mrs H E Russell

David Cobham

Mrs G Whiteman

Diana Owen

Gillian Scales

Mrs S Collier

Mrs Whiting

Mr Richard Hurrell – for looking after his friend

Mrs G C Sheldon

Mrs L M Wright

Sybil Andrew – following treatment in the Unit

The Kentones (Bromley Barbershop Harmony Club) – programme sales at their Autumn Concert

Anne Howard

Mrs Jane Davies

Ms Mary Garnish

Nigel Webb – Member Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club

Mr M Eastbury

Mr & Mrs L E Etherton

Mr John Milnes – for Miss Zang’s treatment of my wife Mrs C Milnes

Georgina Donovan

Mrs B Cumming and Sean Murrells, in memory of Daphne Grimes

Peter, James, David and Alex Osborne in loving memory of cousin Daphne Grimes

Joy Baker – in memory of cousin Daphne Grimes

Andy Hull – in memory of his lovely aunt, Daphne Grimes

Jenny Wood and friends – former school friends of Daphne Grimes who we knew for many years who will be sadly missed, always bright and cheerful

Carol Hull – in loving memory of Daphne Grimes

Sevenoaks Philharmonic Society – in memory of Daphne Grimes who was a member of our choir for over 20 years and will be greatly missed

John and Norma Ghini – in memory of beloved cousin Daphne Grimes

Beryl and Sue – afternoon tea at Temple Church, St Mary’s Cray

Greycoat Lumleys – cake sale in their offices

Mr Christopher John

Catford Cycling Club – Hill Climb Event

Claire Day – from selling Aloe lips

Howdens Biggin Hill

Mr Roy Carter

Mr Paul Carter – Keep up the good work

Dr Geoff Carr – in memory of Doris Alice Francis who passed away on 23 September 2016 at the PRUH.

Day Lewis Pharmacy

Mr & Mrs Etherton

Robert Kinkade  – 2 Moons Consulting

Pauline Dickson

Direct Line – Quiz Night

Maurice Williams and Brian Garfield

Victoria Cox

Jaguar Enthusiast’s Club – Hayes Fair

Michelle Lilley – for holding a zumba and hula hoop party at The Spa Beckenham

Beckenham Round Table

Miss H M Mayes

Shirley Trefoil Guild – raffle in aid of The CCT

Direct Line – collection boxes

Sally Stanley

Cherry Lodge Golf Club – for their collection at the club

Barry Etherton

Bromley Veterans Athletic Club – funds raised at the Bromley Veterans Athletic Club annual 5 mile cross country race, in memory of Nanette Cross who was a founder member of the club back in the late 1980’s

Mrs Sue Hadjidakis – for the treatment I received in the Chartwell Unit

Bruce and Maura Tompson in memory of old neighbour and good friend Margaret Wilmot

Mr Michael Warnock

Mr & Mrs Jamaspian

Peter Giles

Gillian Negus

Sheila Saxon

WI Pratts Bottom – at a recent WI AGM meeting

Tony Catherall – from his family and friends who attended his 80th birthday party and gave donations instead of birthday presents, his wife was a patient in the Chartwell Unit for several years and fortunately is in remission.

Bromley Community Counselling Service – a donation instead of an 80th birthday present to Tony Catherall, on his request.  Happy Birthday Tony from all at BCCS

Mr Philip Shearer – in memory of Margaret Shearer

Mr Chetan Patel – for his mother Mrs Taragen Patel who is having treatment in the Unit

Crockham Hill School – Easter Church Service

Mary Malham

Newhaven Car Services – regarding the Seaford Cycle Event

Mr Alavaro Palma

Mr PFT Ward

Hilary and the ladies of the Women’s Institute

Elle Bristow

Ali Kali

Jeff Hynds – for looking after his wife Helen Hynds in her final months in 2013, money received for giving a talk recently.

Ian Angell – Angell Welding

Phil Harris – instead of a birthday present for a friend celebrating his 60th birthday

Mrs J P Carter

Mr Blackmore

Mr Inett

Valerie Hemmings – for the expertise care and dedication to her father and herself

Barry Etherton

Christine Oinn – Christmas Donation

Keith Finch

DirectLine – with their Christmas Raffle

Scott Fuller

WWI – Biggin Hill in memory of Hazel Davis

Susan Black

Linda Seymour

Brian and Kathy Biss

Mr P Giles

Susan Black

Peter Howe

Go Travel – in lieu of Christmas Cards

Mrs E L Andrews

Mrs L P Franklin

Mrs Zalihe Collymore-Husseiv

Mr and Mrs Etherton

Lucia Turra

Ian Culverhouse

Karen Louder – in lieu of Christmas Cards

Mr and Mrs Westal

ST George’s RAF Chapel of Remembrance, Biggin Hill

Adam Stansill

Jackie and Ken Coulston – in memory of Jackie’s mum

Mrs Grimes – in support of John Grime’s Hythe to Hythe Cycle Ride

Mr  R G Smithson – Freemason’s Grand Charity

Kathleen Bolt

Sarah Lambert – in lieu of Xmas cards

Martin Reef, Bromley Masonic Lodge Manager’s Raffle, Oakley House

Steven Cameron

James Ramus

Baxters – from their Xmas jumper day

Pamela Snelgrove

David Leck

Mr & Mrs Hylands

Crockham Hill C.E. Primary School

Mr B Westwood

Maria Ault

Terry Bolton

Gwen Baldwin – in memory of Patricia Binge

Rich Dixon – from my poker night ! thank you

Lesley Reed – with grateful thanks for all my treatment

Brian Wingate – instead of sending Christmas cards – thank you

Jill’s taxi driver – thank you

Sharon Lidbury – thank you

Saddlery and Gunroom Biggin Hill – thank you

Jean Carter – thank you

Mr K Jamaspian

Martin Corfe – thank you

Freemasons Empress Lodge

Tim West – For the Tiger Ward – thank you

The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust – in recognition of the Hythe 2 Hythe 300 mile cycle ride – a great achievement by the whole team

Ron Gooding – thank you

4th and 5th Brownies – thank you for hosting a coffee morning

Dr de Silva and Ms de Silva

The Bantam Runners – thank you

Biggin Hill Primary School – for the donations from Year 6 Tom Brown’s cake sale and non-uniform at his school

Dan Aston – thank you to the staff and doctors for they way they treated him and the speed of the entire process

Sue Bottle – thank you

Lesley Watson – thank you

Karen Casey – thank you

Sam Clegg – thank you

Mrs J Taylor – thank you

Diana Claydon – thank you

Thank you to Sue and Rob Saunders for holding a garden party in memory of Ann Brown

George A Blackmore – thank you

Carol McDonnell – thank you

Mike the Music Man at Jackie Apps Pre-school – thank you in memory of Katie Apps

Laura Cryer – thank you

Alison Trenholme  – thank you

Amanda Sims – thank you

Alex Wynn – thank you for the generous donations received from your handbag raffle

Denise Boddington – thank you

Malcolm Westal – thank you

Mrs S M Fitzpatrick – on behalf of a friend who sadly passed away in April and was looked after so well in the “Chartwell Unit” at the “Pruh” Hospital.

Newhaven Car services – thank you for the donation towards Lily Mae- Cycle Ride in April

Daphne Hurlstone – thank you

Joanne Quan – thank you

Elizabeth Soar – thank you

Carol Farrow – The Personal Training Centre – thank you for supporting our annual 10k Run

Joanne Quan – thank you

Ai Wee Cheng – thank you

Edmund Boyden – thank you

Michael Hylands – thank you

Gita and Prakash Patel – following an interview with a pharmaceutical company Prakash won a prize which he asked to be donated to the CCT

Think Pad – thank you for the bucket donation

Maria Ault – thank you

Angela Hubbuck – thank you

Share Gift – from everyone at ShareGift, the share donation charity

Mr C Philips – thank you

Antony Saunders – from the Saunders family instead of Christmas Cards

Victoria Hemmings – on behalf of Val Hemmings who you so successfully treated this year and requested to donate to The CCT instead of buying her a Christmas present as a thank you for the hard work and support.

Sunil Fernando – thank you

Christine Oinn – thank you

Mr D Minor – on behalf of his mother, Mrs B Minor, in lieu of Christmas presents after caring for his sister-in-law Mrs Anne during her illness.

Carol B McDonnell – thank you

Declan and Routh Barrinhill – thank you

Michael Kilgannon – held a Physic afternoon tea for his sister Karen who is receiving treatment in the Chartwell Unit

Mrs M Jacob – donations raised from her keep fit and dance classes over Christmas

David Johnson – thank you

Fred Steer – on behalf of everyone we normally send a Christmas Card.

Glenn Scanlon – In memory of Elise Ellen Inez Holland (1913-2014)

Roy Hayes – thank you

Sarah Doolan and Smith & Williamson for a further donation in memory of Mrs Iris Payne who sadly passed away on the 24 September 2012, a thank you to everyone connected with the Chartwell Unit  for caring for Sarah’s mum.

Kayla King – Thank you for donating to the CCT instead of sending Christmas cards to friends and family

Susan Middleton – thank you for the excellent care and compassion given to her mum Joyce Haggis during her long illness in 2103 allowing them to be with her

Mr Juergen Koehler – thank you Dr Shee and Debby

John Cooke – thank you

Lloyds Bank Foundation – Staff Matching Scheme – the recent endeavours of Christer Riches for taking part in the British 10K Run in July 2014

Malcolm Westal – thank you for your ongoing support

Jean Carter – thank you for your ongoing support

Celia Hawkesworth – in memory of Gerlinde Wright

Mrs P Snelgrove and Andrew Snelgrove – for the donation in remembrance of his aunt who lived in the US

Peter Murray – thank you

Caroline Barranco – thank you

Tom O’Connor – thank you

Capita Asset Services –  thank you for matching David Apps’s fundraising sponsorship raised at the Swim Challenge 2 in August in memory of his daughter, Katie Apps

Ann Collie – thank you

Wendy Holley – thank you

Mr & Mrs Jamaspian – thank you

Heather Abraham, Dr J West,  – thank you for the donation to mark Debbie and Sunil’s 40th wedding anniversary

Mr G A Blackmore – thank you

Green Wright Chalton Annis – thank you for the donations we received from a “Dress Down Day” held at some of their offices

Deborah Fernando – thank you for the donation received by a guest at your Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party, where the guests had been invited to send donations instead of gifts

Mr & Mrs Ashby – in memory of Dr Philip Roger Cornwell

For the first-class treatment and such wonderful care given by the doctors and nurses at the Chartwell Unit to my late father Horace Clifford Woodman – Caryoln Woodman

Mr & Mrs P Woods – for looking after our stepbrother Dr Cornwell so kindly and compassionately, he referred to the nurses as “his angels”

Mr and Mrs Summerton – thank you

Day Lewis – thank you for the proceeds from The Day Lewis Charity Fun Day

Mr G A Blackmore – thank you

Anne-Marie Costain – in memory of Phil Cornwell who you looked after so amazingly

Mr Westwood  -thank you

Mr Tony Lissaman and family – thank you for continuing to support us

Mr M C Westal – thank you

In memory of Dr Philip Cornwell and the wonderful care he received in the Chartwell Unit

Thank you for the help and care I received whilst having chemotherapy

Karen Longley -for the donations raised at her Garden Tour Weekend

B M Tustin, Sidley Baptist Church for Lily-Mae – “God bless her and her family”

Mr G W Payne, his brother-in-law, son and daughter   – in memory of recently departed Charlie Waite, Mr Payne’s late wife’s friend, they had known each other since school days.

Mr G Payne, -his daughter Sarah, and son Paul  – in memory of Maureen Lee who was  Mr Payne’s sister-in-law’s sister Mrs Pat Payne.

Sidley Baptist Church – for Lily-Mae and her family to go towards their transport costs to hospital to try and help reduce the enormous pressure they are under

Mr Philip Cornwell – thank you

Mr M Westal – thank you

Becky Tolman – donations from her fundraising at her daughter’s nursery and work

New Life Church Biggin Hill – Proceeds of a Charity Ball held in February in memory of Mick Gething

Colin Warne – in loving memory of Margaret Shearer

Steve Wright – Coolings – for the ongoing donations we are receiving from his “Tree of Memories”

Jean Scott, on behalf of the Farnborough WI

Mr Christopher Dadson, on behalf of The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London Charity Fund

Saddlery & Gunroom – thank you once again for your support

BAM Construct UK Limited – a donation in respect of the late Mr John Pritchard, who sadly passed away in December.

Jean Carter  – thank you for so much for your donation as always

London Biggin Hill Airport – for their support and donations over the past 2 years

Geoff and Rita Smith – for all the wonderful work the doctors and nurses do

David and Jackie Apps – to enable the Chartwell Unit to have fridges provided in all the rooms in memory of Katie Apps

Mr Robert Pritchard – in memory of Mr John Pritchard

Mr T K Lee – thank you

Mr M Angeli – thank you

Geraldine Lynch – in memory of her dear friend Diane Sargeant

Micklefield Nursery Onesie Week – for the on-going care of little Lily-Mae

Florence Shipperlee – Dr Anil Lakhani

Mr Payne – in memory of Mr Dennis Stammers

T G Searle – in memory of our dear friend Mr Dennis Stammers.

Petts Wood Lynwood Townswomen Guild

Aviva – by the late Peggy Jean Bissell

Sarah Doolan, Smith and Williamson – Christmas Donation

Maria Ault

Mrs Bryant and her International Folk Dancing Group – chosen as some of the group has visited the Unit at some time

Mr Westwood – thank you

Mrs Merrison – in appreciation of some work a friend has done recently and a thank you to all the doctors and staff for all the help and treatment she received at the Chartwell Unit during 2013.

Mr M C Westal – thank you

Steven Wright – in memory of his wife Marissa Wright

The Cleveland and Bradshaw family – in memory of Mrs Frankie Haines – the care and treatment she received was second to none

Mrs Margaret Andrews – in memory of her dear husband Terry Andrews who was helped by the Trust and received the best of care from the Chartwell Unit staff.

Trisha, Dave, Michael Stadler and Ann Quick – thanks for the kindness and support shown to Annette Whyte and her family.

Julie, Mike, Tom, Jack, Even and Millie North – in memory of Ann Scuffham who will be much missed.

Barbara Illingworth – In loving memory of a dear friend of many years, Annette Whyte, who received care at the Chartwell Unit in her last few days.  She will be greatly missed.

Philip S Cooper – thank you

Thank you to all the staff at the Chartwell Unit for all the care and help given when my husband Brian Sterry visited, Mrs Carol Sterry

Caroline Temmink, The PCC Team and Negs – in memory of a dear colleague’s mum who received support in her last days

Mr Stephen Golledge – thank you

Amanda Gallagher – sent with love in memory of Aunty Ann Scuffham

From Stan – in memory of Annette Victoria Whyte

Waitrose Beckenham – part of the Community Charity Green token scheme

Day Lewis Pharmacy – as part of their Community at Heart Scheme – allowing them to donate for every patient Medicines Use Review the pharmacy conducts over the year

Audrey & Alan Kent – thank you for caring for dear friend Ann Scuffham during her final days

Colin Brown – a token of thanks for the treatment his wife received from the Chartwell Team

Thank you to Mr J Simpson, Mrs Paulette Phillips, Mr George Blackmore, Mrs De Souza, Mrs Blackmore, AG & MP Tickner, Alex Logan, and anonymous donations that were handed to the staff at the Chartwell Unit between June and August 2013 and forwarded on to the Trust.

Mr Malcolm Payne – in memory of his dear neighbour Mr Jim Smith

Dr Philip Cornwell – thank you

Paul Sanders – thank you

Julie and Nathan Blow and family – in memory of Auntie Ann Scuffham, who was loved very much and will be greatly missed

Mrs Susan Knight – in memory of her sister in law Janet Hayward

Mr John A Scuffham – in memory of Ann Scuffham from Tony & Jean

D T Barristall – thank you – for the work of the Trust

Stephen James – thank you for nominating us as one of your chosen charities

Chris Foxton – thank you

S J Potter – thank you

Coolings, Green and Pleasant, Knockholt on behalf of Steven Wright in memory of Marisa Wright for the donation we received in memory of Ewan Wilson who was much loved throughout the offices and those close to him during 2011.

St Katherine’s, Knockholt with St Margaret’s, Halstead – thank you to the congregation

Thank you to Silvie and John

Phillip – in admiration of the wonderful skill and kindness shown to his wife, Lillie, by the Chartwell Unit staff

George’s Gym – donations from their fitness gym

Thank you Thomson Snell and Passmore Charitable Trust

Maria Hall – donations from her flower shop

RHS Dental Lab – thank you

West Wickham Trefoil Guild – In memory of Ron Holmes

Thank you to Chislehurst Golf Club and all its members

Thank you Easifit Flooring Specialists

Karen Stone – thank you for looking after our good friend Nicky Morris

Meena Mistry – thank you

Joan Keaney – in memory of Trish John, a truly inspiring lady and am privileged to have known her

Jean Carter – thank you

Mrs Beecroft – in memory of Mr F Hurlstone whom she knew when he was a little boy

Mr Laurence Wood – thank you

Mr A A Lissaman – thank you

Mr P Young – for the treatment his wife has been receiving from Dr Lakhani

Mr C P J Gabriele & M T Noble – for Bernard Noble

Mr M Dalton – thank you

Mr Ian Martin – for all the help and attention from Dr Lakhani and the nursing staff they have given me

Kerrie Nott – a charity day at Cunningham Lindsay to raise money for the very important and much appreciated work at the Unit and a thank you for the current help Kerrie’s grandad Donald Nott – “who has nothing but good things to say about the staff” for all their hard work

Mr & Mrs Younger – thank you

Denis Donaldson – thank you

Mr Michael Killeen and colleagues from Bromley Police Station – for the care and attention Mr Killeen’s wife received early last year 2012.

Mr Michael Coker – in appreciation of the great care and kindness which had been extended to his wife over the past year.

Mrs P M Dunkley – attended the RAF St Georges Chapel Carol Service – in memory of her  late husband and late brother who had been patients at the Unit.

Mr Peter Birch – donated by his work colleagues in memory of his dad

Association of Ex-CID Officers of The Metropolitan Police – a donation intended for the memory of and a tribute to our esteemed colleague, Mr Graham Birch.

Mr Brandon Hayward – many thanks for the care given to my wife Janet over the past five months, as both an inpatient and outpatient

Mrs Jean Carter – her husband has been treated for Leukaemia at the Unit for over six years

Mrs Christine Oinn – a yearly donation for the treatment of her husband Dennis Oinn who has been an outpatient for the last 16 years.

Mr John Jackson – thank you

Caroline Pembroke – this is an amazing unit which provides tremendous support for so many people.  Keep up the good work.

Mrs Sarah Doolan – a christmas donation from her company Smith & Williamson  – I can not thank everyone connected with The Chartwell Unit enough for caring for my mum in the last few weeks of her life.”

Mr A K Smallcombe – “for the outstanding treatment my late cousin Mr Bernard Noble received at the Unit in October/November 2012.  His family were extremely grateful for the care, compassion and treatment received from yourselves”.

Mr Gavin Martin – “Donation in memory of Ewan Wilson and as a result of Hayes Free Church Christmas Tree Festival.”

Mr Kenneth Razzell – “A very big thank you to all the staff at The Chartwell Unit for the specialist care and ongoing treatment they have provided in the past and continue to provide.  I am extremely grateful to you all, as are my family”.

Rebecca Coomber – re the Foyles Event in September 2012

Thank you – Ms C McDonnell

Liga Howells – thank you to the Chartwell Unit

Mrs Peggy Bissell – to help continue the important work of the Chartwell Unit

Kent-West Federation of Women’s Institutes – the proceeds of a coffee morning arranged by Mrs Fletcher and attended by the members of the Farnborough WI

Shaftesbury Plc – in recognition of treatment currently being received by Mrs Anne Gwillim at the Chartwell Unit

The Rev Alan J Tetlow and Mrs Doreen Tetlow – in gratitude of all the professional skill and care Alan has received in the Chartwell Cancer & Leukaemia Unit

Catherine Melia, Melia Afternoon Teas

Pat & Howard Payne – “In fondest memory of Iris Payne”

Carol & John Wilson – “In memory of Iris Payne …. a lovely lady”

Georgina Rankine – “for the love and care you showed to Mrs Iris Payne”

Pauline Hart – “for the care I received and to maintain the increased level of staff”

Mr & Mrs Branwhite – thank you

Antony Collins  – “a donation to the Trust”

Beryl Goodspeed – for the treatment you received at the Unit

Mrs Maria Ault – thank you

Philip Brogan – “for the people that cared for Penny, in such a wonderful way”

Brian Allen – “In memory of Ann Reed”

Julie Stacey – thank you

Mary Smith – for the care and treatment of her husband

The Bexleyheath Shooting Club  – In memory of Phil Mumford, he was treated with the upmost respect and dignity by the staff of the Chartwell Unit.   We respect this work and long for it to continue.

Mr R Ellis, Mrs J Whittaker, Mr & Mrs Hartley, Mrs E Stone, Evelyn Pickett – In Memory of Mr Edward Martin – “Teddy”

The Staff at Bright Sparks Day Nursery, Orpington Hospital – In Memory of Mrs Anne Cable

Mr & Mrs P Smith – In memory of Mr Alan Kemsley

Mr Mike Hargreaves

Mrs Linda Mew – In memory of her husband John