Special tributes to remember our loved ones

In Loving memory of Phil Jones who died 12th Dec 2014 age 63

My husband Phil Jones was diagnosed in 2011 with AMC. He had taken early retirement three years before and we had just celebrated his 60th birthday when he was diagnosed. It was hard to take in especially as he had never had a day’s illness in his life.

He was born in Rotherham in 1951 and moved down to Chislehurst when he was 5 years old. He worked for 40 years at BT after leaving school. He always had a passion for music and went to many festivals and concerts in his younger days. He played football to a high standard and enjoyed a flutter on the horses. Later his hobbies developed and included golf, travel and growing vegetables in our allotment.

He had two children Neil and Samantha who provided him with five beautiful and unique granddaughters. That was one of his regrets that he would never see them grow up and marry, but I see so much of him in them, which gives great comfort so he still lives on through them.

In the 21 years I had the pleasure of sharing my life with Phil we travelled all over the world and had many adventures and he has left me with many happy memories but one of the highlights for us was playing golf in St Andrews.

Phil was treated in the Chartwell Unit and King’s and we wish to thank all the consultants, doctors, nurses and staff for not only their expert treatment but also their compassion and kindness in some very difficult times, we salute you.

Phil was a man of routine and reliability and this led him to gain many lovely friends, he is greatly missed by many. He spent his last weeks at home and died very peacefully in my arms. He always said that he was enjoyed and led a very simple life but in his wake he left a massive footprint.

Phil Jones


In Memory of Robert Willis who died, aged 87, on 20th February 2015 

Robert Willis who died, aged 87, on 20th February 2015 had been under the care of the Chartwell  Unit for over 22 years. Robert was an Architect by profession and had 4 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandaughter. He lived his entire life in the Bromley area other than being evacuated during the war to Folkstone in Kent, Tradegar in Wales and finally to Trowbridge in Wiltshire. Robert was a keen sportsman playing cricket regularly until he was 72 and then playing golf three times a week for another ten years. Once giving up sport he continued exercising by walking. He loved buildings and enjoyed regularly walking around London looking at new developments.  Over all the years of his care by The Chartwell Unit Robert had check ups every 3 months and required various treatments. He saw the Unit develop from its beginning to what it is today. His family are incredibly grateful for the medical expertise he received and want to thank all those who cared for him over the years. 7 members of his family are taking part in the 2015 10k run to raise money for The Chartwell Cancer Trust.



In Loving Memory of Don Nott who sadly passed away on 10 October 2014

Much loved by all Don Nott

Much loved by all Don Nott


A loving husband, dad and grandad much loved by all who knew him. The family remain eternally grateful to the Chartwell Unit who were fantastic and always took care of Don giving him the best possible care.   They wish to thank everyone from the consultants, doctors and nurses who treated him and his family.







Loving Tribute to Dr Philip Cornwell who passed away on 26 June 2014, Aged 67

Philip Cornwell was inspired by plans for a school in Ladakh, India, and took early retirement so he could devote time to raising funds for it

Philip Cornwell was inspired by plans for a school in Ladakh, India, and took early retirement so he could devote time to raising funds for it

Dr Philip Cornwell, “Phil”, as he was fondly known by family, friends and colleagues, was treated in the Chartwell Unit since he was diagnosed with non-secretary multiple myeloma in March 2013 and was admitted to the ward several times during that period.   He referred to the nurses in the unit as “his angels”.

Phil previously had a successful career in transport planning before devoting his time to charity, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the award-winning Druk White Lotus school in Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas, a part of the world close to his heart. Him and his wife Wendy had adopted the Buddhist philosophy in the late 1990s and became inspired by plans for a school in Shey, Ladakh, to help improve the lives of children in the remote Himalayan region.  He became a trustee of Drukpa Trust and helped to continue to develop the school taking early retirement so he could devote more time to raising funds for the school. He visited Ladakh two or three times a year.  He also volunteered with The Prince’s Trust as a mentor for young people and for the Bromley Education Business Partnership.

Dr Philip Cornwell is survived by his mother, now in her 90s, and by Wendy, his wife of 46 years; their children, Emma, William and Hannah; and nine grandchildren.

Friends and family have sent in donations with lovely messages to The Chartwell Cancer Trust in Dr Cornwell’s memory which of course we are incredibly grateful for. “He was always treated with dignity and compassion by all the staff” “The work you do enables more people to benefit as Phil did from the care given in the Chartwell Unit”.

An old school friend of Phil said he was a naturally generous and easy-going soul and had a deeply ingrained sense of obligation to help others and he threw himself wholeheartedly into the school project.”


Lily-Mae Cruttenden – Age 3, Passed Away 25 July 2014

Beautiful Lily-Mae

Beautiful Lily-Mae



Sadly, at the age of just 3 years old, Lily-Mae passed away after a courageous fight.  There was a very moving service and a tribute to Lily-Mae’s courage and her passing was acknowledged with the release of a mass of beautiful pink balloons. James and Michelle have asked me to extend their thanks to all of our supporters for helping them to be with Lily-Mae throughout her stay in hospital.  We would also like to thank both James and Michelle’s families and friends for their generous support.